'Jamsu' The Korean's answer to flawless skin and long lasting make up.

Everyone is talking about Korean skin care trends, knows as K-beauty, Korea's beauty industry is continuously coming out with new beauty trends that are slowly taking the world by storm. 

The latest trend is 'Jamsu'.  Roughly translated as 'submerging', Jamsu is Korea's alternative to what we call 'baking'.  

Here's how to 'Jamsu' the correct way. 

After applying primer, concealer and foundation as you would on a normal day.  Apply a generous (I mean GENEROUS!) amount of baby powder until you somewhat resemble a ghost.  Then submerge your whole face into water for about 30 seconds.

Sounds a bit scary dipping your freshly made face into water right?  But wait.... the baby powder and water work in a similar way baking does, and work together to lock-in your makeup, which leaves an oily-free finish.

So once you have patted your face dry, your make up will look flawless.  Your skin will appear more matte and your make up becomes smudge proof, also making it easier to apply more make up on top if need be.  

If you're not really wanting to dip your whole face into water, apparently spraying your face with a copious amount of facial mist will also do the trick, as long as the powder becomes damp. 

It's a bit of a bizarre technique but we'd do anything for a flawless look and make up that lasts the whole day right?



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