Achieve 'Glass Skin' that is the newest trend to hit the K-Beauty scene.  

'Glass skin’ essentially refers to a perfectly smooth and intensely hydrated complexion with an all-over sheen – just like a pane of glass.

But is it a trend? 

Whilst some people may refer to it as the 'glass skin look' with many achieving this look through make up, to the Korean's, having glass skin is the foundation for beauty.  When they say glass skin, they are referring to clear, healthy and hydrated skin - make up free. 

The 10 step regime is what the Korean's follow to get this glass skin, and whilst 10 steps may seem like a lot, it actually refers to the layering of products to achieve this healthy hydrated complexion. 

So why not start your journey with us and have a look at the 10 step sets we have put together, whether you are just topping up your skincare products or are new to this we are sure that you will find something that your skin will love!

Beautiful Skin Awaits! 

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