10 Step Skincare Regime For Sensitive Skin
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10 Step Skincare Regime For Sensitive Skin
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This set contains one of each item needed to complete a full Korean skincare regime (also including 20 of our best selling masks)

South Korea is renown for its fantastic skincare regime. The most common regime is the 10 Step regime (Although many people do 11 steps as they include sun protection). The 10 Steps are as follows:

1: First Cleanse; for this you would usually use an oil cleanser to initially remove all oil based impurities including sebum, makeup and sun screen.

2: Second Cleanse; for this step a foam cleanser is used to remove water based impurities e.g sweat and dirt.

3. Exfoliate; use a gentle exfoliator 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cells, promote cell renewal, unclog pores and allow better product absorption.

4. Toner; It is widely believed that toners are only for oily skin (Due to the fact western toners are alcohol based which means they are usually very drying) everyone should use one as they balance your skin's pH levels as well as delivering other fantastic ingredients such as Olive  NOTE: Toner is often called 'skin' or 'freshener' in Korean Skincare e.g 'Wonder Pore Facial Freshener'

5. 20 Masks (10 Premium Deluxe Masks and 10 Sheet Masks) ; use a mask 2-3 times a week. Masks are made with the same ingredients as serum, however as they are left on the face for 20-40 minutes and are usually drenched in serum more is absorbed into the skin. A mixture of masks is usually best so you can combat any issues you may have.

6. Essence; Generally less concentrated than serum, their main purpose is to moisturise the skin and make the most of the serums that follow.

7. Serum; formed with active ingredients to target specific concerns, you can switch your serum up day to day or you can also use a few at a time to combat all skin problems e.g Green Tea Seed Serum for moisture and Its Skin Power 10 WH effector for whitening/brightening.

8. Eye cream; the skin around your eyes is thinner therefore much more likely to be dehydrated. Dark circles are also a problem for many people so an eye cream is designed to moisturise, brighten and de-puff.

9. Moisturiser/Lotion; used to lock in all of the wonderful ingredients you've just applied to your skin whilst of course, moisturising as well. 

10. Sleeping Pack; (Only for night use) Use 2-3 times per week. It isn't called beauty sleep for nothing. Your skin regeneration goes into over time while you're sleeping and with the help of a sleeping pack, your skin will be extra beautiful as they are packed with extra ingredients.

11. Sun protection; (Only for A.M use) SPF is very important in protecting the skin from the sun's harmful rays. Always aim to apply a sun screen if you don't wear makeup or a BB or cushion with an SPF if you do like a bit of makeup. 

With our new 10 step set, you can be on your way to flawless skin in no time.

This set contains 10 full sized products and a variety of masks, perfect for those who would love to start or add to their skincare collection.

The products included in this set are our most popular products for this skin concern.

Worth up to £300!

Note: Items will not come in a hamper

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