A by BOM Ultra Bouquet Patch Mask

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What it is:
This pad multi-hydrates, giving moisture all along your skin texture so that your skin is silky, luminous and hydrated! Tencel sheet, soft and silky natural fiber, fits perfectly to your skin as if it were part of it. This ‘perfect fit’ allows active ingredients to absorb faster and deeper into your skin.

Why we love it:
You only need 5 minutes! That’s all the time you need to calm your irritated skin with these patches. Every morning and night, your skin is soothed and refreshed. It also prepares your skin for makeup! Protected by a non-drying moisture barrier, your supple skin will absorb and fix makeup like magic.

How to use:
Use as toning pad: After cleansing, wipe gently along skin texture (from center of face to outwards), and lightly pat in for remaining essence to fully absorb.

Use as patch mask: After toning, place on areas of face that needs extra care, take off patch mask after 5-10 minutes, and lightly pat in for remaining essence to absorb.
Use as cooling patches: Chill the patches in the fridge prior to use, and place then on areas of the face that needs cooling.

Expiry 08/11/2020

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