Innisfree Its Real Squeeze Sheet Mask

Innisfree Its Real Squeeze Sheet Mask
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What it is:

Acai Berry -  Real Source Mask with acai berry extracts that are full of nourishment to keep the skin brighter and clearer.

Aloe - Real source mask with fresh moisture from Aloe Vera to fully moisturise and soothe the skin

Bamboo - Real source Mask with Bamboo extract to quench the thirst of skin!

Bija – Real Source sheet mask Formulated with torreya oil derived from the torreya tree to refresh & soothe skin

Blackberry – Real Source protecting sheet mask Formulated with Blackberry Juice to offer effective skin protection

Cucumber – Real Source sheet mask Formulated with Cucumber Extract, a natural yet effective skin moisturizer Delivers abundant hydration to quench & soothe dry skin

Green Tea - Real source mask to moisturise dry skin with Green Tea.

Kiwi - A hydrating & clarifying sheet mask Formulated with Golden Kiwi Juice to clear & moisturize skin

Manuka Honey - Real source mask with Manuka Honey to moisturise stiffened skin.

Pomegranate - Real Source Mask with moisture from squeezed pomegranates to create skin that's firm and supple.

Rice - Real source mask with rice extract to keep the skin purified and healthy.

Rose - Real source mask to make the skin smooth and radiant.

Strawberry - Real Source Mask with moisture from squeezed strawberries to make skin smooth and bright.

Teatree - Real source mask to treats skin problems whist keeping the skin moisturised and clean.

How to use:

Apply to cleansed & toned face. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, remove mask & tap gently excess amount of essence for absorption

Why we love it:

Features a triple layered design to ensure a long-lasting moisturizing effect Leaves skin soft, smooth, radiant & healthy looking

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