Elmolu Sherbet Modelling Mask

Elmolu Sherbet Modelling Mask
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What it is:
Black: A 5 pack of modelling mask containing Propolis extract, which is abundant of mineral and amino acid to form a water-oil balance film on your skin.
It includes charcoal power to keep your pores clear and healthy.

Gold - A 5 pack of modelling mask containing witch hazel extracts to help strengthen skin due to abundant amount of tannin ingredients. The Lycopene contained in apricot extracts known to be used for skin control by the Chinese beauty, Yang Guifei, to promote skin elasticity making skin appear younger and tighter.

Red - A 5 pack of modelling mask with teatree extract to moisturise and soothe tired and irritated skin. Cornus fruit extract gives a firming effect to give you soft and supple skin!

Silver - A 5 pack of modelling mask containing calcium carbonate generated from inside the body of mollusks by endocrine hormone actions and pearl extracts know as beads of minerals to give clear and bright skin. Magnolia extracts having flower language of nobility and purity are contained to be conducive in making skin more luster and clean. 

How to use:
1. Mix the gel sachet with the powder activator
2. Within 20 seconds, apply the modelling pack to the face
3. After 20-30 minutes gently remove the mask starting from the bottom

*Bowl not included

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