Mise-en-scéne is a K beauty brand that leads with the philosophy of directing customers' hair care routine and personal images to perfection. Proudly selling their Korean hair care products across the globe, Mise-en-scéne has an extensive collection of Korean hair treatment essentials tailored for different types of hair problems like aging or damaged hair. With the brand's very own oil-conditioning technology, Mise-en-scéne has created a lot of best selling hair care products to enhance the softness of hair, including Mise-en-scéne conditioner, hair oil and hair mist to enhance one's self-care arsenal, with Mise-en-scéne Perfect Serum being the brand's bestseller. This K beauty hair care brand is also focused on producing hair-dye products that are desired by customers who seek to develop their own personal style through hairstyling. Mise-en-scéne is the Korean hair care expert that you need.