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Hydrating, soothing, smoothing... There's one for everyone

They’re the perfect pick-me-up when skin is in need of a little TLC. Simply smooth one over your face, watch whichever TV show you’re currently binge-watching and let it work its magic – the mask acts as a barrier to seal in the ingredients so that your skin has to soak them up, rather than any evaporating from the surface.

Once you’re done, simply massage any excess serum into your skin and let it soak up the goodness for a complexion that instantly looks and feels better. 

What are sheet masks made of?
Sheet masks usually made using paper or cloth. They’re saturated in a solution that’s packed with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol or glycolic acid, depending on your skin’s needs. There are also hydrogel or biocellulose options, which are often better at moulding to your facial contours and staying in place.