Barulab Mint Clay Mask

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Barulab Mint Clay Mask
Barulab Mint Clay Mask

Barulab Mint Clay Mask

Size: 18g

What is it:

It is a new concept of gyosum type facial sheet mask which contains anti-Sebum P Complex (a patented ingredient for pore care) caring your skin tone to be beautiful and tight. French mud, Peppermint oil and Honey extract remove dead skin cells and absorbs waste material inside pores to make your skin clean and fresh. It helps improves skin elasticity and complexion while deeply nourishing the skin.

How to use:

After washing, apply toner to face. 

Dual mask contains 2 parts. Firstly remove transparent plastic from sheet to cover onto the upper face by eye and nose level. Remove white-pearl plastic after fixing the sheet. Repeat the same process with lower mask for the mouth part. Leave up to 45 mins till dried and lifted thoroughly and gently take both parts off from the ear area. Rinse your face with lukewarm water.



Expiry: 17/09/2023


Barulab Mint Clay Mask
Barulab Mint Clay Mask

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