Berrisom My Brow Tattoo Pack #01 Mocha
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Berrisom My Brow Tattoo Pack #01 Mocha
Tired of drawing your brows over and over again? Brow touch-ups can be very tiring especially if you're very particular with your brow shape like most of us do! End your worries right here and get your brows on fleek all day everyday without all the unnecessary touch-ups! Berrisom - the original Korean brand that first brought you the technology of peel-off makeup - now brings its tattoo magic to your brows! Oops My Eyebrow Tattoo Pack is an easy and safe way to keep your brows beautifully defined for days. It leaves a tint on the brows that lasts for 3 to 7 days. It also contains 5 kinds of nutrients derived from botanical ingredients to keep your brows perfectly nourished.

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