Dr Hedison Bubble Deep Foam Cleanser

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Dr Hedison Bubble Deep Foam Cleanser

What is it:

Cleansing Oil: It is added with cleansing oil function for who feels tired of serveral step of cleansing.

Foam Cleanser: Oxygen bubble helps to cleanse wastes, dusts on pore clearly.

Oxygen Pack: Soft blooming bubbles prevent dryness on skin after cleansing.

An all in one cleanser covering deep remover and foam cleanser in one step. Bubble foam revitalizes skin with oxygen bubble and it helps to cleanse wastes on pore and even heavy make up clearly with dewy finish without tightening the skin.

How to use:

1. Without water, apply appropiate amount and wait for 30 seconds.

2. When bubbles up, wash bubble over face softly and wash off with warm water.

Tip: Better to start cleansing without water to make rich bubbles. To remove heavier makeup, pump 1-2 pumps.

Expiry: 10/05/2023


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