Duft and Doft Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Mask
Duft & Doft

Duft and Doft Salmon Vgene Hydro Active Mask
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Experience the ultimate in facial care treatment with Duft & Doft's SalmonVGene™ Hydro Active Mask. This luxurious high-density microfiber air-sheet mask comes generously soaked in nourishing essence enriched with active ingredient Omega-3 amino acids and blended sodium DNA derived from salmon roe extracts to drastically improve the skin's natural rejuvenation process. Other natural ingredients, such as green tea saccharomyces ferment water (40%), collagen and pearl extracts provide intense moisturization and skin tone whitening. At 38 ml, the mask is infused with 3 times more essence than others in the market, providing a concentrated immersion experience.

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