Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm
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Holika Holika

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Dessert Time 01 Red Cupcake Lip Balm - a strawberry scented lip balm that smoothes and rejuvenates and also gives the lips a transparent red color.

Dessert Time 02 Pink Cupcake Lip Balm - a cute lip balm that protects your lips from cracking, as well as give your lips a delicate shade of pink.

Dessert Time 03 Peach Cupcake Lip Balm- a lip balm that moisturizes lips, as well as giving the lips a light and delicate color. 

Dessert Time 04 Plumpink Cupcake Lip Balm - a lip balm that nourishes and also gives lips a natural pinkish hue.

Dessert Time 05 Orange Cupcake Lip Balm - a sweet orange-scented lip balm, which smoothes the skin and enhances lips, and gives a delicate orange-pink hue.

Dessert Time 06 Lemon Cupcake Lip Balm - lemon balm scent, which tones the skin of the lips, as well as give lips a slight pinkish hue.

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