MISA Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream
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MISA Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream
Premium oriental eye cream made with wild ginseng, deer antlers and reishi mushrooms enriched and extracted by gold and 100% ginseng water boosts your skin elasticity and help you get vitalized and firm eyes. Provides elasticity for deep wrinkles around eyes and saggy eyes to make it noble, younger and vitalized.

Premium anti-aging oriental cosmetic for all ages from 30s’
When you are worried about wrinkles around eyes and need intensive care for loosened and sagging eyes
Improves dark and dull eyes
Mild formula: Paraben-free, Artificial colorant-free, Triclosan-free, Mineral oil-free, Benzophenon-free, Talc-free
Skin safety tested
Clinically tested for improvement in wrinkle repairing and firming of eye areas

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