Missha Herb In Nude Mask
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Highly adhesive mask to help cover the skin firmly. Soft texture as silk to help apply well on even curved face and provide abundant moisture and nutrient to the skin. Light and transparent nude seal sheet fabric. Natural-derived cellulose sheet which is extremely thin and transparent with excellent air permeability to help provide comfortable feeling.

Green tea: To help make the skin moisturized.
Rose flower: To help make the skin moisturized and radiant
Lemon grass: To help make the skin vivid and clear
Rooibos: To help provide smooth elasticity and abundant nutrient to the skin
Lavender: To help provide calm and comfortable feeling to the skin.
Earl grey: To help care healthy and firm skin with enriched nutrition
Hibiscus: To help lighten and vitalize the skin
Apple mint:To help care refreshing and clear skin

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