Missha Real Solution Tencel Mask
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Trylagen (Wrinkle) - Intensiveampoule that improves wrinkles for elastic skin. It ensures healthy skin through the energy of Trylagen™ that consists of peptide and adenosine.

Glutathione(Brightening) - Intensive brightening ampoule for clear skin. Glutathione ingredients provide a beautiful gloss and the whitening functional ingredients of niacinamide awaken dull skin to become bright and clear.

Propolis (Vitalising) - Intensive nutrient ampoule for healthy skin. Propolis has a unique hive structure that provides tired and dry skin with rich nutrients, making it more resilient.

Collagen (Total Care) - Complex care ampoule for smooth and healthy skin. Dual-purpose ampoule that helps anti-wrinkle and whitening effects, while ensuring that your skin feels smooth and glowing.

HA(Moisturising) - Intensive moisturizing ampoule for dry skin. Dubbed “Nature’s Sponge”, HA hydrates dry skin and provides moist and glossy skin care.
Ceramide (Soothing) - Intensive soothing care ampoule for effective balancing of moisture and oil. Ceramide ingredients protect tired and sensitive skin from a range of external stimulants

AHA+BHA (Pore Care) - Intensive pore control ampoule for treated skin texture. AHA and BHA ingredients are highly effective for removing dead skin cells and allow for rough skin textures to feel smooth and fresh.

Vitamin Complex (Brightening) - Intensive resilient care for clear and bright skin. Vitamin complex for dull and dry skin provides resilience and natural skin gloss

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