Mizon Enjoy Vital Up Time Sheet Mask #Calming
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Mizon Enjoy Vital Up Time Sheet Mask #Calming


Best Before October 2017


This sheet mask is made with bee propolis, an active ingredient known to have soothing effects on skin. Propolis helps to decrease the amount of irritants that may cause inflammation which makes this an excellent choice for troubled skin. The long-fiber sheet helps it adhere to the crevices of your face delivering essence into every nook and cranny. It includes Mizon’s "vital essence", a formula made of 1) Allantoin to help recover your skin condition 2) Trehalose, which is a safe natural moisturizing ingredient 3) Hyaluronic Acid, a moisturizer that holds 1000 times its weight in water and 4) Sc-glucan, an ingredient that soothes hydrates, and revitalizes.

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